When Things Are Moving (3.), Trading of Mid-Size Account, March 30th., 2017

ATS Portfolio in Mid-Size Account – 3 Busier Trading Days, March 28th. – 30th., 2017

Part 3., March 30th., 2017

Today in Thursday 2017/03/30 we can watch third day-session in the row trading portfolio of automated systems. The same client´s account category $30k-$50k.  

We will see trading of 3 crude oil automated systems, Pegas c5, Pegas 1 and Folos and one automated system for Russell 2000 index – Pallas TF.

The day belonged to those quiet ones, the account almost didn´t fall to negative values.

The highest opened profit was $790 and fully automated systems closed $478 net profit, approx. 1.2%.

  • Pegas c5 enters first (with 1 contract), flashing red for a while
  • after Pegas 1 steps in, the crude oil brokes up together with both Pegases
  • when Folos opens the position, stronger moves are missing in the market and Folos closes in light profit finally
  • Pallas TF (with 2 contracts) balancing in gentle loss since opening, but it doesn´t endanger the day result. Closes in loss -$30 /2 ct.

The short record of live trading session from March 30th., 2017 you can see here:

Oldrich Karas

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