When Things Are Moving (2.), Trading of Mid-Size Account, March 29th., 2017

ATS Portfolio in Mid-Size Account – 3 Busier Trading Days, March 28th. – 30th., 2017

Part 2., March 29.th., 2017

Trading the same client´s account, category $30k-$50k with portfolio of automated systems.

It´s Wednesday today and only some crude oil systems traded. Not a day when most energy systems trade, entered Pegas c5, Pegas 1 and Folos. Regardless just 3 systems traded, overall result pleased us.

Net profit $1.172 or around 3%. Trading session was cozy and quiet, green shined most of the time as we all like it. Growing market was clear as the first system in the market kept and closed the biggest daily profit.

  • first entered Pegas c5, with one contract of CL
  • moved in light profit and soon joined the Pegas 1
  • last Folos fought in a loss for a while, but after a quarter an hour crude oil broke up and we were on the right side, 3x. By the session end crude added, but another break up or drop didn´t happen.

Recorded live trading session from March 29th. 2017 you can see here:

Oldrich Karas

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