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My TradeStation Setup and Check List for Automated Trading

In my post “AUTOTRADING – Fully Automated or Self-Controlled?” I ´ve compared pros and cons of autotrading fully-automated by the broker or the semi-automated solution guarded by trader himself.

Each style is suitable for different type of person. Fully automated trading, for me delivered by Striker, is hand-off and fully comfortable solution which doesn´t require any action from the trader. All is running seamlessly and you don´t need to know what´s happening in the background to keep all working.

When you decide to trade some semi-automated solution, you probably spare some money if you do all right, but you will pay cash for every failure you permit.

Let me show you my setup for live trading to help you avoid the costly mistakes.


  • Format Strategies / Properties for All / General”, left side:
    • I set my broker commission and the slippage cost
    • I am setting both commission and slippage per one contract, not per one trade. Some strategies can trade more contracts in one time and this setting always count the right commission and slippage
    • For slippage I use tick value of 1.0 to 1.5 tick, which represents my real average slippage in most cases
  • Maximum number of bars… I use mostly 150-200. The default TradeStation value is not sufficient in many cases
  • right side keeping default, no need special setting. All strategy logics for position handling is coded inside strategy
  • / Backesting , leaving default
  • / Automation, leaving default in most cases
    • When trading more strategies using the same symbol in possible different trade direction, I have to check = enable “Allow multiple automated on multiple charts…”, third square box from the to
  • I never allow my Stop Orders are placed out of my computer. I don´t want my Stop Loss get traced by somebody. Recorded Stop Loss orders could be potentially very dangerous when the same strategies are running in more computers. I imagine when each trader allow to send his Stop Loss out of his computer, it could be traced and possibly attacked than. I am very suspicious here. Stop Loss is coded in the strategy itself and protects the strategy when needed.

So this my TradeStation settings how I use for my live trading. I use this setup for me many years it performs reliably for me. Of course I never leave my automated live trading totally unatended. I use to check my system several times per day, with most importance to check it by markets close.

I will share my daily, monthly checking routine and when my system ON/OFF in my next post.

Leave me your comments please.


Oldrich Karas



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