Summer 2017, part 3, Philippines

After the end of June and the whole month July spent in Indonesian islands Bali and Lombok, in August we were about to explore for us still unknown places in the Philippines. Islands Bohol, Panglao, Siquijor, Apo and besides the part of the Cebu Island also the Negros Oriental area in the Negros Island.

The Philippines are gorgeous. After the departure in Cebu, the next day morning we are on the fast ferry to the Panglao Island. Our trip couldn’t start better here.  First class beaches with the white dusty sand and shallow water by the shore. Compared to Boracay Island with the same white sandy beaches and where we spent part of the winter two years ago, the number of tourists here is still acceptable. Luckily not yet McDonald’s or Starbucks arrived in here. You still can walk on the beach promenade and don´t have to crawl in the crowd.

We have rented the whole upper floor of the beachside apartment house, even with the fiber optics internet. The best accommodation on our trip so far. I could work without the connection issues and our teen-aged daughter was able to occupy the social networks with live video sharing. And the paradise in front of the house.

Panglao beaches
Panglao beaches

The Panglao Island is connected by the bridge with much bigger Bohol Island, where is possible to make all day trips to the cultural, historical or natural attractions. Loboc River, Chocolate Hills, Tarsier sanctuary if I could name few. Traffic is fine here, so I´ve used the rent a car service and enjoyed our private trips before some organized tours. And I love those moments, when we get lost for a while and discovered beautiful places which are not listed in guides.

Jeepney, Central Bohol
Chocolate Hills, Bohol
Lost by the Loboc River, Bohol

From the Panglao Island, we have rented a private boat to transfer to Siquijor Island, which is about 90 minutes trip. On the journey, we were accompanied by maybe a hundred of dolphins. They were chasing the boat and jumping just beside it, like little kids showing to each other new tricks.


The last 9 days of August we stayed in Dumaguete City in Negros Oriental. I have to say, I´ve missed a bit the city atmosphere after the 2 months spent close to nature and elements. Dumaguete is also called the university city in the Philippines, as many universities, colleges and schools are located here. Also, the climate in Dumaguete is friendly, it is located out the typhoon line and also the raining in rainy season is not so heavy here. It is the city of some 150,000 people, with boulevard, cinemas, restaurants, shopping malls, airport, seaport, fish market. But still, after 20, 30-minute drive you are surrounded by bursting nature, in seaside or in hills, with the crystal clear waters of the ocean or lakes. Or you can hop to another island, small one, as Apo island or similar, or the big Cebu Island. All in an hour or so. Very nice place, we enjoyed both the stay and the trips out of the city.

Bell Tower Dumaguete
Apo Island, near Dumaguete

Nothing lasts forever, so finally, we are heading to Cebu, combining 2 tricycles, ferry-boat and 5 hour trip by bus. Next day airport and arrival to the Central Europe, where the summer is just about to end.

Thank you again, Petronel Systems, for allowing me to work and travel, to explore and stay connected, to live the life I always desired. Thank you my automated systems to keep walking north again, after some treading in the start of the year. I know, the way is not the straight line, it will never be.


Oldrich Karas

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