Summer 2017, part 1, Bali

The biggest benefits automated systems can give me is the financial freedom and the time independence. July and August I normally spend with my family in the Mediterranean. We use to rent a house in Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia or so and we live about a month in one place. Then we move to another country around until our kids need to go back to school in September.

This summer we wanted to be different, 2+ months expedition in Indonesia and Philippines. Maybe even we´ll be lucky and we´ll find a place for living in for some time in the future. I know those countries well, moving around there is not so fast and easy as in the western world. So we needed to focus on more specific areas to explore.

July and Indonesian Bali was the first choice. From south to north, Uluwatu, Kuta area, Sanur area, Ubud area, Padangbai area. And to finish with the Lombok Island for the diversification 🙂

Our journey we started by end of June in Cebu, Philippines. We stayed here for few days to absorb the jet lag together with getting accustomed to higher temperatures and humidity. The city is huge, with traffic jams, pollution and the urban heat. The central part is similar to other Asian cities. We liked the Taoist Temple in the north-west, an oasis with lush green and great views above the city. Besides the beauty of the temple itself.

Taoist Temple Cebu

As I had to work more after June´s end, we hadn´t much time to travel around in Cebu, so we´ve moved to a seaside resort in Lapu-Lapu area and stayed there few days. I was busy working and my family wasn´ t bored, win-win and great place!

Anemone resort, Cebu

I am updating Petronel Systems website with all systems and portfolios monthly performance regularly. I strictly present all trading results, good or bad, I never manipulate any numbers. So my clients can rely on the accuracy of monthly updates. They can always compare their own trading performance with the trading performance of mine. And I am always around in case they need some assistance or even remote-connection help. My associate is backing me when I´d be unable to give a hand.

In early July we left Cebu and arrived in Denpasar, Bali, after some 4 hours flight.

Bali is still beautiful and exceptional, but in the last years it suffering from the tourism booming. The traffic jams are almost all days and nights and the density of traffic in Kuta, Sanur, Ubud makes you thinking not to move from place to place too often. We enjoyed a lot our 3 weeks stay. I could be in Bali for years and still I would wander around with my mouth opened. Luckily still there are places in Bali I need to discover during my next visit.

Longest we stayed in Ubud this time. We found the traffic here still reasonable. When you take a motorbike and drive north, you can easily explore central or even north Bali in a one-day trip with endless beautiful places and sights. And if you wake up early and catch those places before the sunrise in the morning mist, you are in heaven.

There is no similar place to Bali in the Earth. Besides thousands of public temples all around the island, every house has its own temple too – inside or better instead of the garden. Balinese people are really devoted to the spiritual life with the humility and frequent ceremonies all year around. And great lush tropical nature completes the picture.

Ulun Danu Batur Temple., Bali
Ubud, our bungalows by the pool










Rice fields north of Ubud, Bali


Do you know what´s the best thing on that? THIS IS MY OFFICE! Such itinerary allows me to do my work while on travel. I just need to stay in one place for a few days to have time to follow-up with my clients on the internet. And I´m ready to sacrifice myself for that.

One of the big advantages of traveling in Asia is the time difference. It makes some 6 hours ahead of Europe and 12 hours of USA, so working at nights I can catch up with my clients online easily. And the mornings + afternoons I can enjoy by wandering around in the tropical paradise.

Pura Besakih Temple, Bali

Three weeks passed so fast… We have to say hello to Bali and prepare for our transfer to the sister island Lombok. Our ferry departing from Padangbai, the harbor town in eastern Bali, where we´ll spend 2 nights before departing to Lombok.

Our experiences from Lombok and then Philippines I´ll share with you in the next chapter.



On the ferry to Lombok


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