Sri Lanka Winter 2017

Automated systems trading give me the FREEDOM, this is the first what come to my mind when thinking about my business. I am never thankful enough when I look back how I decided to quit my business after 21 years and upgrade my hobby to my fulltime job and income source. Well, the first years were painful, stressful, as it is often when you start the new business. You are losing the faith you can do it, the only you have is your own determination, the power of learning from your own mistakes. But after failures the success will come finally and as more time passes the success comes more often than the failures. And you are on the right way.

As other automated traders, I can do my work whenever I want and almost everywhere on the earth, where internet is accessible. So I packed my laptops, shorts and left with my family frozen central Europe for 6 weeks to Asia. This January was (and still is)  extremely cold in all Europe, snowing in Crete or southern Italy. In Czech Republic, where I am from, night temperatures fell below -20°C for last 2 or 3 weeks. Brrr.

After 30 hours or so we are here. In our rented house near Kalpitiya, north-western Sri Lanka. It is very untouched area, tourism isn ´t developed here yet. We are the only foreigners in about 15 km around. Tropical climate, but nights are reasonably “cold” here, between 22 to 25°C. No need to use A/C. First class sandy beaches, stretching kilometers left and right, and you are the only one person where your eyes can reach. Unbelievable.


Our house is facing Puttalam lagoon, occupied only by local fishermen. Fresh and incredibly cheap fish you can buy here everywhere.


Good choice for internet here is portable battery operated 3G modem, you can take it everywhere with you. 35 GB data you can buy for $20. Internet connection is reliable and fast enough for controlling my VPS servers in Chicago.

Due the time difference, +4.5 hours to Paris time, I changed my daily routine. I am working mostly in the afternoons and nights here. I can catch up with most of my clients from Europe and USA. As I trade US future markets, they open by dinner here and I have no rush to monitor my positions, do the emails, update websites etc.

The best in all that is that you don´t need to develop your own systems for you own trading. Serious developers today lease their automated systems as low as for 10% of its average profit. That´s really reasonable when you consider those hundreds hours of work with development, robustness and other testing of one system. You don´t need to build super sophisticated computers, learn system coding and pay for costly education in systems development.

When you considering to start cooperation with a system developer, the serious one can provide you with detailed info how the systems are developed, how was the in-sample and out-of-sample data period used, how long the system is live traded etc. Serious developers they also trade their own systems with their own money. You can check my own systems in . My satisfied clients are from more than 20 countries, when needed I am here to help them with broker selection, systems setup, remote assistance or direct installation, recommending capitalization, portfolio setting, systems order notification… With many of them we have built closer relations and talking about families, hobbies, holidays…

In the end (or from the start) you work to make money for living the filled life. And automated trading gives you the FREEDOM as the sweet bonus. You can release yourself from 9/17 working days and 2 weeks holidays. That is what I am everyday grateful for in my business.


Oldrich Karas






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