My Trading Routine, Part 2: Trading Holidays, Early Closed Trading Days, Monthly schedule

Practical Guide of my Trading Routine.

Part 2: Trading Holidays, Early Closed Trading Days, Monthly schedule


Trading holidays:

I Switch off  trading platform or datafeed in market holidays.

And MUST NOT FORGET to switch the system ON before market open next trading day


Early closed trading days (!!!), very tricky trading periods:

There are few days in a year when markets are closing sooner than usually. These days could be tricky, the dates of early closing markets are different each year and often those days are not coded in the strategy code. Most of the strategies are operating within fixed time period based on regular trading days. In early closing markets days the markets are closed already when strategy want to exit opened position(s).

There is nothing bad to trade in these days, they are covered by backtests. But trading needs a special arrangement in those particular days.

Market moves are decent in most cases and usually the realized/unrealized P/L is not that important.

When I decide to trade:

I have to watch opened positions closely. All opened position I have to close manually about 60 seconds before that particular market close. I need to know exact time when each exchange closes that irregular trading day.

Regular end-of-the-day session falls on time when the real markets are closed already. If I don´t close the positions manually, positions will stay opened till next trading day. Strategy itself would close automatically those opened positions right on market opening next trading day.

When I don´t trade:

That´s what I am doing mostly. I behave in those irregular days as in trading holidays and switching the systems off. There could be minor discrepancies in backtested history than, some trades are missing in my real trading. Backtest always shows irregular days as traded with end of the day close latest.

Again. DON´T FORGET to switch the system ON before market open next trading day


Monthly schedule:

  • Rollover the futures contracts manually.

In TradeStation I have to rollover underlying futures contracts manually. When the workspace includes more data, it is enough to rollover the contract in Data1.


TradeStation doesn´t support auto-rolover of contract traded. I have to know the period of the rollover for each contract. It is due monthly or quarterly in most cases. Third week of the month when the rollover is due I am trying to write the new month ticker every day since Wednesday before markets open till TS recognize the new contract month and allows to rollover. It is not very sophisticated method indeed, but it is error-proof and functional.


When I forgot to rollover, which happpened several times, I often missed the trade. The strategy did trade in the new month ticker while the old, still valid ticker didn´t trade


In Part 1 and part 2 of my Practical Guide I summarize my daily and monthly trading schedule. Everyday routine without an exception is most important here. Make sure to be able to follow these daily and monthly tasks, otherwise I stricktly recomend to cede your automated executions to proffesional fully automated service of Striker or some introducing broker .

Normally all arrangement takes couple minutes in a day, but monitoring of opened positions adds some hours to my everyday routine.

I hope this practical guide will help you when setup and trading automated systems in your TradeStation platform.

Thank you for your coments.


Oldrich Karas

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