The Magic of Diversification, 8 different systems autotrade in 1 account, April 20th., 2017

Portfolio of Automated Systems in Mid+ Size Account, 8 systems (out of 14) traded in April 20th., 2017

Fully automated live trading session recorded. Traded on client´s mid+ size account – category $50k – $75k. 

The client is trading well diversified portfolio of 14 fully automated systems, trading in 3 different classes –  Energy futures, Equity indexes futures and Agriculture futures. 

On Thursday, 8 different systems traded, from Energy and Equity indexes futures. Here is the list of automated systems traded, in the row how they entered market one by one. (+) closed profitable, (-) losed.

For those who are not familiar with TradeStation Trade Manager, enclosing picture with explanation where ot find hypothetical performance and real performance on the platform:

Despite 3 systems loss that Thursday in April 20th., the rest 5 profitable systems made it to over 3% account profit of $2,416 net profit.

You can watch the trading day record here:


Oldrich Karas



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