Live Trading Session Jan. 11th., 2017

Live Trading Session commented, Portfolio of Petronel Systems, traded in Jan. 11th., 2017

It was an ordinary Wednesday, as usual when bigger trading days occur. Nothing showed for some special market conditions or for some unusual expectations. I even forgot to start screen recording by market open.

I am trading this bigger client´s portfolio of 15 different systems and total number of 37 automated systems. I started recording when opened profit was at $20k, 40 minutes to market close.

6 different crude oil systems were opened, 23 contracts in total, all in nice profits. I know all systems employ different trade logics, and from the screen I can check:

  • each system uses different entry price
  • systems are correlated, but systems enter the market one by one. More conditions are met, which increases the chances for nice trading day
  • systems setting is well done, the REAL account PERFORMANCE (real value at bottom bar “RT TE:  “) is ALMOST THE SAME as Total strategy P/L, which is SIMULATED VALUE

During the trading session I am re checking workspace with each strategy to make sure all is working well. Crude oil systems Pegas 1, Fenix, Pegas c4, Pegas c5, Folos and Nassos were set to nice profits. As the day session headed to close, most of the profit faded out unfortunately. More than a half of the opened profit were wiped out finally, but that Wednesday brought nice $9,452 net profit (there was -$857 on the bottom bar from day before trades and closed at $8,595).

Despite those massive “losses” of $10,500 from the high of the day, I never dare to close the trades manually. Well, I tried to do so in my early months with automated trading, but I definitely measured I cannot beat the automated systems in the long run. Nice profit in the day end, fully automated.

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Oldrich Karas

Investing & Systems 2017


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