When Things Are Moving (1.), Trading of Mid-Size Account, March 28th., 2017

ATS Portfolio in Mid-Size Account – 3 Busier Trading Days, March 28th. – 30th., 2017 Part 1., March 28.th., 2017 In following serie I will show you trading of automated systems portfolio in account of medium size. This client´s account fits in category $30k-$50k and I ´ve built here customized portfolio of automated systems in […]

Emotions & Trading – Automated Session From March 15th., 2017

Automated Trading, Emotions vs. Discipline. Recorded Session Commented Wednesday March 15th., 2017. The day overfilled by reports, the Dutch elections above that. The dramatic session will follow, with high – low account level of $20,000 in 4 hours. 10:30 am, the crude oil stocks change report. The “small”  report from yesterday´s afternoon promises possible and […]

My Trading Routine, Part 2: Trading Holidays, Early Closed Trading Days, Monthly schedule

Practical Guide of my Trading Routine. Part 2: Trading Holidays, Early Closed Trading Days, Monthly schedule   Trading holidays: I Switch off  trading platform or datafeed in market holidays. And MUST NOT FORGET to switch the system ON before market open next trading day   Early closed trading days (!!!), very tricky trading periods: There are […]

Tips and Tricks – TradeStation Setup

My TradeStation Setup and Check List for Automated Trading In my post “AUTOTRADING – Fully Automated or Self-Controlled?” I ´ve compared pros and cons of autotrading fully-automated by the broker or the semi-automated solution guarded by trader himself. Each style is suitable for different type of person. Fully automated trading, for me delivered by Striker, is […]