Daily Net Profit $5,110,- Trading Session Recorded, 2017-11-03

Trading Session from November 3rd., 2017 Seven fully automated systems trading in the live account. 6 systems trading long side, one system shorts. The record shows opened profit in the whole account as well as details of each of five systems traded. Fully automated closing of all systems with the realized net profit over $5,110,- Nice […]

Summer 2017, part 1, Bali

The biggest benefits automated systems can give me is the financial freedom and the time independence. July and August I normally spend with my family in the Mediterranean. We use to rent a house in Italy, Greece, Spain, Croatia or so and we live about a month in one place. Then we move to another country around […]

The Magic of Diversification, 8 different systems autotrade in 1 account, April 20th., 2017

Portfolio of Automated Systems in Mid+ Size Account, 8 systems (out of 14) traded in April 20th., 2017 Fully automated live trading session recorded. Traded on client´s mid+ size account – category $50k – $75k.  The client is trading well diversified portfolio of 14 fully automated systems, trading in 3 different classes –  Energy futures, Equity […]