Emotions & Trading – Automated Session From March 15th., 2017

Automated Trading, Emotions vs. Discipline. Recorded Session Commented

Wednesday March 15th., 2017. The day overfilled by reports, the Dutch elections above that. The dramatic session will follow, with high – low account level of $20,000 in 4 hours.

  • 10:30 am, the crude oil stocks change report. The “small”  report from yesterday´s afternoon promises possible and eagerly awaited decline of supply
  • 02:00 pm, the most important report of March – the Fed rate decision
  • uncertainty about the vote result in Holland won´t affect the trading session, but shapes the whole picture too

Since Monday the markets are “dead” expecting the Fed´s decission. Mostly expected is move up for a quarter percentage point. But one never knows.

10:30 am. Crude oil report is positive, small but still decline of 0.23M barrels. The first stocks decline since December 2016.

10:58 am. Not a half an hour after the report the first crude oil strategies do enter, Pegas c4 and Pegas c5, 1 contract each. At 11:00 am Pegas 1 joining. He is represented stronger in the portfolio, 6 contracts. I am a bit nervous, crude oil systems results of 2017 still underperform those of indexes with some losing trades in past weeks. Crude oil starting to lose, more than $200/contract now. In this bigger account the open loss of crude oil is more than $1,700. Lowest account level is -$1,530.

12:01 pm. Enter 3x Ladon, EMD, equity index system. Today trades with 2 contracts, so another 6 cts opened.

12:52 pm. Another crude oil systems enter the market, Folos and Nassos. Another 3 + 1 contract. In the other hand it is confirmation of strong momentum today, market entered one by one more systems with different logics. More conditions met and that I like to see. Jitters before the Fed decision increase. ONE MORE HOUR still.

02:00 pm. The Fed decision. Expectations met, rate increase of 0.25 percentage point. Another equity system enters, 3x Krios TF. 2 cts again. Another 6 contracts opened. Uff.

Market get fuel after the Fed and shows nice move to north. Total open loss is dismissed within a minute. Indexes up first, crude later too. Not a half an hour and I see a nice picture. I love the green. It looks like strong day today, all fundamentals in order and WE ARE IN with 30 contracts. Finally added 1x Pallas TF, 2 cts.

Crude oil closes first, after 02:30 pm crude out. Profit $2,500 for 12 cts crude oil is rather below average, but all systems profitable and that´s allways nice. Today will belong to indexes likely.

At 03:32 pm is peak of the day with open profit $15,930 plus that of closed crude oil $2,500, makes $18.180 open profit.

04:00 to 04:17 pm close equity indexes systems too and net realized profit of the day ends at $14,358 USD. Great result. Most of the profit belongs to equity indexes systems, similarly as it is in first weeks of 2017. Challenging day, when to keep own emotions in control is needed as well as to stick with the business plan – statistically proven performance of systems portfolio.

Look at the video here. It is a bigger client´s account with individually built automated systems portfolio upon client´s requests.

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Oldrich Karas

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