Tips and Tricks – TradeStation Setup

My TradeStation Setup and Check List for Automated Trading In my post “AUTOTRADING – Fully Automated or Self-Controlled?” I ´ve compared pros and cons of autotrading fully-automated by the broker or the semi-automated solution guarded by trader himself. Each style is suitable for different type of person. Fully automated trading, for me delivered by Striker, is […]

Live Trading Session Jan. 11th., 2017

Live Trading Session commented, Portfolio of Petronel Systems, traded in Jan. 11th., 2017 It was an ordinary Wednesday, as usual when bigger trading days occur. Nothing showed for some special market conditions or for some unusual expectations. I even forgot to start screen recording by market open. I am trading this bigger client´s portfolio of […]

AUTOTRADING – Fully Automated or Self-Controlled?

AUTOTRADING – Fully automated or self-controlled solution? When you are serious with leasing of automated strategies, you have to decide what kind of broker service suits you more. There are two ways how to get your automated systems traded by your broker. Fully automated solution Self-controlled solution Advanced systems developers give you the choice of how […]

5 Most Important Things When Choosing Your Trading System

5 most important things I consider when choosing the trading system Probably you are the trader with automated strategies in your investment portfolio. Or you considering to be one of us. And you it know well, there are so many criterias around when you choosing the right automated trading system. Profit factor, Sharpe ratio, drawdown, […]