About me

My name is Oldrich Karas, I am a professional trader and automated systems developer. My trading career started in 1997, purchasing US stocks and futures. It was a ride back then, up and down the Dotcom Bubble!  Since 2010 I am fully focused on automated strategies trading and systems development.

I work together with my friend Robert, trader and developer. We trade tens of our systems in our own accounts for our living, but always just a few instances of each system. To develop and robustness-test of one system takes hundreds or thousands hours of our time, so we decided to lease the best systems in limited amount.

As a side-product of our own system development process I started www.PetronelSystems.com in late 2015. Very opened and straightforward systems provider site which is rarely seen in this business. I am helping people in about 20 countries to make money by trading of our systems. After receiving similar e-mail questions repeatedly, early 2017 I launched this blogging web to share my opinions not only with my clients.

Beside trading I am a father of 5 kids with passion for travelling and sports. Trading helped me to visit 63 countries in a world and to avoid at least a part of winters here in Europe.

I hope this blog become the place where some practical topic could find every serious automated systems trader.

Oldrich Karas, January 2017