8 Automated Systems Trading Recorded, June 1st., 2017

In today ´s video I want to express the power of diversification again.

As I told so many times before, the right automated systems diversification can smooth the equity curve nicely and sometimes it even can cure look-like lost days and turn them into profit. For the diversification with fully automated systems I use mostly portfolios constructed from systems trading futures of energy, indexes and agriculture. Each class is different, non correlated. Day sessions have different time-start and different end-time and each class reacts to different fundamentals.

It was a dramatic trading day, Thursday, the first day of June 2017. Account Profit/Loss flipped from nice green to deep red and from red to green again. All just in few hours.

Trading started with crude oil and QM (mini crude oil) systems opening their trades. Entered one by one. The trend was fine, steady. But before end of day-session the trend reversed strongly. It is rare in crude oil, such a strong trend reversal without any report, but sometimes it happens.

It looked like a lost day in that moment in early US afternoon. Unexpectedly 3 indexes systems started to gain strong momentum than and finally they overcame the midday loss and generated the overall profit. Nice day finally, although looked quite a brute just few hours ago.

I am listing here the systems traded, in order how they opened positions. Each system traded in 1 instance:

Pegas c5 CL, Gryfon QM, Pegas 1 CL, Nassos CL, Folos CL, Ladon EMD, Krios TF, Pallas TF.

Highlights of the day

  • Highest opened profit:    $2,480
  • Closed loss:                        -$2,831    
  • Total day profit:                    $881             

The recorded session you can see below.

In this account I trade in different subaccounts around 100 instances of PetronelSystems . If you want to compare “hypothetical” and real performance, check the linked picture to see what to compare. Just in case you are not familiar with TradeStation trading platform http://invesyst.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/04/TS-TM-explanation.jpg

Thank you for your comments.

Oldrich Karas



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